I am Grateful for the Maliheh Free Clinic Because…

Author: Volunteers and Patients of the Maliheh Free Clinic “It provides me an avenue to serve my community alongside an amazing group of volunteers and providers.” “I get to meet and serve great people from all over the world! And I love working with the fabulous and caring staff.” “They help me with the medication […]

Voices of the Clinic – Annalee’s Story

Author: Annalee Bridges I feel a responsibility to write about the importance of free clinics in our community more specifically, the Maliheh Free Clinic. It has been 2 years since I was a patient at this clinic. It has hit me like a ton of bricks to share my story. It is a story of […]

Voices of the Clinic – Ari’s Story

Author: Patricia Jabonero, Ari’s Mother I didn’t know it at the time, but a lifesaving decision by Dr. David Sandweiss at the Maliheh Free Clinic would make a huge difference in my daughter, Ari’s, life. Ari, age two, went with me to her sister’s appointment with Dr. Sandweiss, a volunteer pediatrician at the Clinic. After […]

Our Patients Are Not Invisible

Author: Kym McClelland, Board Member From the first day I started volunteering at the Maliheh Clinic I noticed a phenomenon that I could sense, but not articulate. As I continued to watch the staff and volunteers interact with patients I finally was able to define what I was feeling. The majority of our patients are […]

Driven to Serve

Author: Mike Morgan, M.D., ER Physician, Volunteer Medical Provider If I hadn’t had the opportunity to volunteer at the Maliheh Clinic during my formative years I could easily have become another statistic. When I was 13 years old, I got a job washing dishes to ease my mother’s financial burdens. One of the regular customers, […]

Serving Others Without Reward

Author: Karen Miller, M.D., Board Member, Volunteer Physician Serving others without personal reward undeniably brings joy. This is an old, old story but never a tired one. It’s a universal experience for those of us who volunteer and work at Maliheh: we feel uplifted by helping others, as we are surrounded by the kindness and […]